Monday, November 1, 2010

Frederick Watkin's Diary Tuesday October 4, 1885

Tuesday October 6 1885
[page] 2. Up from bed this morning at 5.30 washed and dressed and then I went up in the street for a walk after which was something to be seen Ragged Boys and Girls as well as a lot of men and women
I continued untill Friday looking and running about enjoying myself very well


  1. Dear Sharn, my name is Lorraine Manie.

    Recently when visiting the Box Hill Historical Society I found there was a diary written by Frederick Watkins re his voyage fro England to Australia in 1885 and that there was a copy in the State library of Victoria so I have applied for it to be emailed to me.
    I then googled his name trying to trace the diary thinking a copy might happen to have been posted on the web.
    It was of interest to come across your site where you have stated that you found the diary in book shop.
    Could you tell where you found this book? It is interesting that it was published.
    Frederick made his way, probably by ship, from Maryborough Queensland to Melbourne Victoria where he then went and settled in Box Hill. Here he married Mary Jane Brunner Sutton, 26 November 1890 at her father's home.
    They had 4 children Percival, Ada Victoria, my mother in law, Robert and Edna.
    Frederick's parents were Thomas and Elizabeth (nee Crabb) Watkins who lived and farmed in Shebbear Devon.
    I have researched the family further back to the 1700's.
    So you can see why I am intrigued.
    If you can throw any light on where the diary was I would appreciate it.
    Lorraine Manie

  2. Dear Lorraine, how wonderful that you found my blog with a reference to the diary. The copy that I found is only a photocopy and not a published book. It is a copy of the original handwriting however. It was in a booshop in Bowral NSW and as it was falling apart I found it in a plastic sleeve. Were you able to have a copy of this diary sent to you by the State Library of Vic? perhaps you would like to email me at