Saturday, December 8, 2018


Rootstech will be even bigger and better in 2019!

Rootstech 2018 MC Jason Hewlett will be back to entertain! 

As an Australian Rootstech Ambassador and a passionate genealogist, I for one will not be missing Rootstech 2019 (February 27 to March 2). This huge conference in Salt Lake City is lining up to be an even bigger and better event than ever before.

There are SO MANY REASONS to make it a 'MUST DO' to attend this genealogy plus technology conference, one of the largest of its kind in the world. 

There is so much to DISCOVER at Rootstech
You can read some of the compelling reasons to attend Rootstech, just so you understand how  great an experience this conference which blends genealogy with technology is. There is always SO MUCH TO DO AND SO MUCH TO LEARN at Rootstech. 

Rootstech is truly a place where every family historian whether they have beginner or advanced skills feels they BELONG. Every year there are so many AMAZING CLASSES TO CHOOSE FROM. I love CONNECTING WITH NEW PEOPLE and CATCHING UP WITH GENEALOGY FRIENDS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD. 

Now, if that alone wasn't enough to encourage me to attend Rootestech 2019, the spectacular line up of guest speakers and performers makes this particular Rootstech one I cannot miss.

Dinner with friends from the US, UK, Germany, Australia

Entertainer and comedian Jason Hewlett was a fabulous MC for Rootstech 2018 and I am thrilled that he is returning to host the 2019 conference. I am certain he will wow the crowds again with his humor, wisdom and captivating personality. 

I was privileged to interview Jason at Rootstech last year along with fellow Australian ambassador Jill Ball aka Geniaus. 

Jason Hewlett speaking to Jill Ball and myself at Rootstech 2018

There have been TWO ANNOUNCEMENTS IN PARTICULAR regarding keynote speakers, which have me anticipating Rootstech 2019 with even greater enthusiasm (if that's possible).

The first exciting news was that Saroo Brierley is to be a guest keynote speaker at Rootstech on Friday March 1 2019.  

Saroo's incredible story of courage and resilience was told in the 2016 movie Lion. His story began when he was five years old and became separated from his brother at a railway station. You can read more about Saroo Brierley's story here. 

Image belongs to Rootstech Organisers

I  cannot wait to hear Saroo speak at Rootstech 2019!

Being a guitar and ukelele player, my excitement level soared through the roof when it was announced that world renowned ukelele player, Jake Shimabukuro will be both appearing as a keynote speaker and performing at Rootstech 2019. NOTHING... I MEAN NOTHING WILL KEEP ME FROM ATTENDING THIS CONFERENCE!

Jake Shimabukuro Image Wikimedia Commons
Jake shot to fame when a video of him playing George Harrison's song While my Guitar Gently Weeps went viral on Youtube in 2005.

Why don't you take some time to listen and be astounded as Jake Shimabukuro plays this very song in Central Park, New York City. 

Jake Shimabukuro playing Bohemian Rhapsody is probably my favourite of his performances and I will definitely be in awe watching him perform live at Rootstech 2019. 

Perhaps you get the picture. I will be one starstruck attendee at Rootstech 2019! 

But I know that there is SO MUCH MORE TO ROOTSTECH THAN CELEBRITIES. And there is a always a reason behind the appearance of a celebrity at Rootstech. They all have inspiring stories to share and it is always a privilege to hear these stories. 

Brandon Stanton was a moving speaker at Rootstech 2018. Image Sharn White
I can't wait to listen to the inspiring and informative speakers in classes as well. There's always a HUGE range of topics to choose from. My personal favorites are DNA topics. Anything to do with DNA and genealogy fascinates me. I always come back to Australia with excellent tips on subjects such as deciphering German Script and understanding English parish records and ways to share stories and much, much more.

I am looking forward to meeting my Rootstech Pass winner Paula, who by an amazing twist of good fortune will be attending Rootstech with her daughter Kari, who also won another Ambassador's Pass to the conference! 

I HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AT ROOTSTECH 2019! So put the dates in your calendar - 27 February to March 2, 2019. 

I will leave you with another incredible video of Jake Shimabukuro playing Hallelujah on ukelele.
Happy listening....