Tuesday, November 7, 2017



One of the many reasons I am excited to be an official Rootstech 2018 Ambassador is that I have the opportunity to give away a  FREE 4 DAY REGISTRATION PASS VALUED AT $279. 

Rootstech is a place where you can BELONG ( Roootech 2016 Image)


You will CONNECT with other people who have similar interests.

Rootstech is the largest and most inspiring family history conference in the world and an event not to be missed. I first attended Rootstech in 2015 all the way from Australia and cannot speak highly enough about this conference.

Next year's Rootstech theme is Belong and Connect which is really appropriate for this amazing  event. I have met some inspiring people since first attending Rootstech in 2015. As an Ambassador at Rootstech in 2016 and again in 2017 (remotely due to health problems), I made new connections with many family historians who I now regularly keep in touch with on social media. Meeting new people and reconnecting with friends is a significant part of the social benefits of attending Rootstech.

Sharn White, Jill Ball  from Australia and Laura Hedgecock from the USA, Ambassadors at Rootstech.

At Rootstech you BELONG to a Community.

We all feel the need to belong - to a family, a community, a nation. One of the reasons why we research our family history is the need to find out where we come form and where we belong in the worl. Belonging is an integral part of understanding our own identity - who we are. Here is a post that I wrote about Rootstech 2016 theme of Seeking and Belonging , if you would like to read more about the importance of belonging. My own experience has shown me that whether you are a beginner or an experienced family historian, Rootstech is a huge welcoming community where, amidst the sense of excitement and thrill of discovery and learning, one cannot help but feel a sense of belonging. I travelled to Roostech all the way from Sydney, Australia, knowing just a few attendees. At the airport in LA  in 2016, before I even got to Salt Lake City, I made my first new Rootstech friend, fellow Ambassador Laura Hedgecock, while we waited for our connecting flight. 

Laura Hedgecock and Sharn White attending the My Heritage After Party

My knowledge about Genealogy and my experience and skills as a Family Historian have expanded and been enriched by attending Rootstech. I have taken away a wealth of information about researching family history while making friends for life. 

Image Sharn White

Family history bloggers are an especially friendly lot! If you see people at Rootstech wearing beads you'll know instantly that you have met a genealogy blogger. If you are interested in blogging your family history but don't know how to get started, talk to a blogger. There are usually talks to attend at Rootstech which can help you begin writing your family stories.

Official Genea-Bloggers at Rootstech

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO WIN A FREE PASS TO ATTEND ROOTSTECH 2018, just follow me on Twitter Google Plus, Instagram or follow my blog FamilyHistory4u. If you follow me on Facebook you may leave a comment below this post there as well. Leave a comment entiteled "Connect Belong"on one or more of my above social media channels about why you would like to win a Pass to attend Rootstech. I will announce the winner of my giveaway pass to Rootstech 2018 on November 22 on my blog FamilyHistory4u and post the announcement on my social media channels. I will then email the winner the instructions with which to redeem the Pass.

This Pass will allow you to attend:

  • More than 300 classes at Rootstech
  • Keynote/General Sessions
  • Roots Tech Classes
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  • Expo Hall
  • Evening Events
This Pass does not include airfairs or accomodation.



  1. Connect Belong- I have never been to RT before, and would love to go this year! I'm crazy passionate about family history and devour everything I can learn.

  2. Connect Belong - I love RootsTech. I love the opportunity to meet up with colleagues and friends and talk about our favorite subject. And the vendor hall always holds some wonderful new discovery. I love attending this conference.

  3. Connect Belong! The year isn't complete without attending Rootstech! The classes, training sessions, speakers, friends - old and new, and all of the new products and opportunities - this is definitely a highlight of the year!I come home excited and with new tools and training to help others with their research challenges.

  4. Connect Belong: I have never been to RootsTech and would love an opportunity to go! I began my passion for genealogy work in 2015 by meeting a lady on a corner. It went from there with miracle after miracle of finding her family and discovering how much I love this! Thank you

  5. Connect Belong: The amazing opportunities that abound at RootsTech shouldn't be missed!! From classes and workshops, lectures and conversations, chance meetings or good times for catching up with old friends... the sense of family is phenomenal and there's always something new to learn and something to teach the person next to you. Thank you for the chance to win a #RootsTech2018 pass!

  6. Connect Belong: I would love to go to RootsTech because there are a ton of classes I would like to attend. I think it would be fun to be surrounded by a bunch of people who are passionate about genealogy.