Thursday, October 12, 2017

Nominations for Genealogy Rockstars

Genealogists can be Rockstars!

Image from "The Great Aussie Invasion" (A family reunion) 2015 Chicago

John D. Reid of Canada's-Anglo Celtic Connections has announced that, by popular request, he will be conducting his Genealogy Rockstar Poll for the 6th time. I think that John deserves a Rockstar Award himself! The Genealogy Rockstar Award 2017 is underway now and nominations are open. If you would like to add your won favourite genealogy personality to John's selected list of nominees (below), you can read about The Rockstar Poll on John's blog.

Image from my blog from previous Genealogy Rockstar Awards

Jill Ball, Australia/NZ
Nick Barratt, UK
Blaine Bettinger, USA
Angie Bush, USA
Peter Calver, UK
Pauleen Cass, Australia/NZ
Else Churchill, UK
Audrey Collins, UK
Schelly Talalay Dardashti, Israel USA
Gail Dever, Canada
Brian Donovan, Ireland
Lisa Louise Cooke, USA
Bruce Durie, UK
Dick Eastman, USA
Roberta Estes, USA
Janet Few, UK
Fiona Fitzsimons, Ireland
Heather Garnsey, Australia/NZ
Maurice Gleeson, Ireland
Chris Goopy, Australia/NZ
Jan Gow Australia/NZ
Kirsty Gray, UK
John Grenham, Ireland
Celia Heritage, UK
Shauna Hicks, Australia/NZ
Kathryn Lake Hogan, Canada
Yvette Hoitink, Netherlands
Daniel Horowitz, Israel
Cyndi Ingle, USA
Debbie Kennett, UK
Thomas MacEntee, USA
Jane MacNamara, Canada
CeCe Moore, USA
Dave Obee, Canada
Lynn Palermo, Canada
Michelle Patient, Australia/NZ
Chris Paton, UK
David Pike, Canada
Mike Quackenbush, Canada
Judy G Russell, USA
Claire Santry, Ireland
Lorine McGinnis Schulze, Canada
Helen V. Smith, Australia/NZ
Megan Smolenyak, USA
Diahan Southard, USA
D. Joshua Taylor, USA
Alona Tester, Australia/NZ
Judy Webster, Australia/NZ
Sharn White, Australia/NZ
Katherine R. Willson, USA
Christine Woodcock, Canada
Glenn Wright, Canada

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I am most honoured to be on the above list of nominees, especially since serious heart problems forced me to slow down on my genealogy blogging and speaking over the past year. Recently, however, I made a return to the genealogy blogging world and have added a fourth genealogy blog to my list of blogs as well as giving my others a complete makeover!

If you happen to have a favourite speaker, blogger or genealogy personality who you think is deserving of a Genealogy Rockstar award then please nominate them for the award now. Nominations are open until Ocotber 14 2017, and voting will start around October 15. Stay tuned to John's blog for more details.

Once again, many thanks to John D. Reid for his tireless efforts to promote peer recognition for contributions to family history and genealogy. Best of luck to all and no matter who wins remember that ALL Genealogists are Rockstars!

Image from "The Great Aussie Invasion" (A family reunion) 2015 Chicago



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