Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Aprol A to Z Challenge Beedle, a Bellman and a Bard

B is for a Beedle, a Belman and a Bard

I am running a little behind schedule in the April A-Z blogging challenge, however, I have a wonderful excuse, which is the birth  seven days ago of a beautiful new grandson. I am completely besotted with all 9 lb 11 oz and 59 cm of him! But a new baby in the family does mean for this Oma, less time for blogging and more time for cuddles so for my 'B' post today, I am linking here to a blog that I wrote in 2011 entitled "A Beedle, a Bellman and a Bard". I belive it is worth resurrecting a post from time to time if  the information contained within is still relevant. This particular post shows how and what I discovered about my 6th great grandfather, Edward Manton through a search of Google books.  For those who have read my post in the past, I hope you will enjoy the revisit and for those who are new to my blog I hope you are inspired to search google books for information about your ancestors. And now....grandmother 'duties' beckon.....


  1. Many congratulations on the birth of your grandson!

  2. Congrats on your grandson! My first child is due within a few weeks. I can relate with the excitement!

  3. How exciting for your family...congratulations!

    My first grandson is due in July and he has already been named "Braxton", so very fitting for your B theme today. :)