Sunday, March 27, 2016

BIRTH PEDIGREE CHART - some genealogy fun!


A new craze has swept through the genealogy world over the past week or so, attributed to J Paul Hawthorne. His colour birth pedigree chart has become a bigger 'hit' than adult colouring books. It is an excellent way to visualise our ethnic backgrounds and I have finally done my own  colour pedigree chart. I am planning to do another one to take in further generations since I think it would look much more colourful. Many thanks to Paul for sharing his creative idea with the rest of we genies who can't resist some fun! 

I found it an interesting excercise to compare my colour pedigree chart with my autosomal DNA ethnicity. 

Below is my autosomal DNA ethnicity. Taking into consideration that my paternal line of Scots McDades originated in Ireland, I think my colour chart reflects my DNA origins quite well.

35 % Ireland
31 % East European
13 % Great Britain
9  % Scandinavia
5  % West European

My 5 generation colour pedigree chart

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  1. Hello Miss White. It is really interesting. A lot of people from Switzerland have Scandinavian's gene,especially from Norway ( people from Bern) and people from Zürich have east Europe's Gene.