Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rootstech 16... I made it here.....

Rootstech16 The Arrival

After a 2 and a half hour delay sitting on the A380 aircraft, at Sydney International Airport, due to my Qantas flight having a malfunctioning water pump (no pump - no water or toilet), and a priority pass waiting at Dallas Fortworth Airport for em to rush me through Immigration to connect with my flight to Salt Lake City, I arrived last night feeling a little tired, though very excited to see snow! I met a very lovely fellow genealogist while sitting at Gate 19 at Terminal A at Dallas Airport. When I overheard her telling someone on her mobile phone that she had to be at the Convention Centre at 7.45 to go on a tour of the Provo Temple, I couldn't resist introducing myself when her phone call ended. Laura Hedgecock, and I chatted about Rootstech while we waited for our flight to Salt Lake City.  This morning morning it was and it was nice to recognise her friendly face when we gathered at the southern end of the SLC Convention Centre. 
It quickly turned out to be a gathering of old friends, with the arrival of Jill Ball aka Geniaus, Kirsty Gray, Audrey Collins and a few other familiar faces that I recognised from the online family history world.

Some of the Provo Touring Ambassadors from USA, England and Australia
The tour of the Provo Temple was fascinating. I have a Mormon Temple not far from where I live and I have to admit a certain curiosity has now been well satisfied. One could not help but feel a holy presence in the many beautiful rooms of the temple, each dedicated to a different purpose such as sealings (marriages and adoptions) and instruction. One could not help but admire the magnificent painted walls and ceilings in two of the instruction rooms. I can imagine that being seated there you would feel as though you were truly a part of God's creation of the world. 

The space for baptism of ancestors was awe inspiring. A huge font with stairs leading into the pool, supported by great sculptured oxen was impressive and elegant. 
The temple is a commanding reminder of the gift we have been afforded here on earth and for the eternal life.

Photos were not, of course, permitted inside the yet to be dedicated temple, however, the Rootstech Ambassadors on this tour had ample time to take photographs of the exterior of the temple with an added bonus for this Australian.... it was snowing! 
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Myself outside the Provo Temple in the snow

There was much chatter in the van on the way back to Salt lake City and most Ambassadors were eager to get back to go to Dear Myrt's lunch ast the Blue lemon or the Family History Library. I made it to pPat's lunch briefly but a credit card drama  took some hours to resolve.

The day was wonderfully finished off with a dinner for members of Commonwealth countries attending Rootstech. Australia, New Zealand, England and Canada were represented and by the noise and laughter coming from our two tables, , I would say we enjoyed a wonderful evening. A huge thankyou to Jill Ball aka Geniaus for organising this event again, 

Jill at the Commonwealth dinner. Image Sharn White

Jill Ball, (Australia) Audrey England) and myself in the official Provo Temple Photo. 
On to day two and registration !

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