Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday- a find on Ebay!

Image of Marburg in Queensland 1908
Researching your ancestors' communities can be very rewarding. 
The above image is a photograph I purchased on Ebay, which hows of the town of Marburg in Queensland in 1908. The large building picturedon the left, centre,  is the hotel which was licensed in 1907 to my great great grandmother, Hannah Morrison, in 1908 after her husband John, a prominent Sydney Rail Carriage Builder lost his fortune in the late 1890's due to the cancellation of a government contract. 


  1. that's a great find Sharn. I never think to look on ebay for things like that.

  2. How good is that to have such a photo, well done.

  3. Good find! I've used google alert to find some of mine.

  4. Reminder to Jill - take a leaf from Sharn's book and create more alerts.