Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Why awards for Blogs are appreciated.....

The greatest compliment for a writer, is to have readers appreciate and enjoy what is written. I have two blogs - one is for stories about my own ancestors and the other is filled with tips for other family history researchers, interesting discoveries and anything else related to genealogy.

When Kay Sturgeon, of the Blog 'Gol Gol Girl,' recently nominated me for the One-Lovely-Blog-Award, I felt very honoured. Thankyou Kay, for making this particular writer, feel appreciated.

There are three conditions to be met in order to receive this award, which are as follows:

1. Acknowledge the award in a post on your blog.

2. Nominate 15 other blogs which you think are lovely enough to deserve this award.

3. Contact each person you have nominated, to inform them that they have been nominated.

This may seem to be a task to some, however it is a great way to discover new blogs and I have enjoyed reading what others have to contribute to the wonderful world of genealogy and blogging.

These are the blogs which I have nominated.

  1. Joyous Tomorrows

  2. Hummer's Delight

  3. Random Meanderings

  4. 'Over thy dead body'

  5. A Brit in the Boonies

  6. A Little Bit of Irish

  7. Small-Leaved Shamrock

  8. Cemetery Curiosities

  9. Anglo-Celtic Connections

  10. Homestead Origins

  11. 'Dear Zakaria'

  12. Extra Extra Read All About It!

  13. [Family] History is the lie comm....

  14. Ancestor Soup

  15. Adventures in Genealogy

Thankyou, once again, Kay, for the nomination.